Tattoo Removal in Edinburg TX

Tattoo Removal in Edinburg TX

Tattoos don’t have to be permanent. With advancements in laser technology, dermatologist Norma Magee, MD, can get rid of unsightly ink once and for all. After just a few short sessions at the state-of-the-art practice of Allure Dermatology in Edinburg, Texas, you can go back to having a clean slate. Modern tattoo removal leaves your skin virtually flawless, with minimal — if any — scarring.


Laser tattoo removal is a way of speeding up the natural fading that usually occurs to tattoos with time. Allure Dermatology uses the most advanced laser tattoo removal system on the market: Astanza® Trinity™.

This state-of-the-art system provides customizable wavelength beams based on your skin tone and ink color. By combining two of the Trinity’s wavelengths, Dr. Magee can target dark ink colors in 90-95% of tattoos.

What makes the Astanza Trinity laser unique is that it offers a third wavelength that targets the remaining 5-10% of bright green and blue colors. It’s also useful if you have black ink tattoos that haven’t lightened up with other lasers.

Since this powerful laser system offers multiple wavelengths, it works quickly and provides industry-leading results for nearly all ink colors. Dr. Magee can even tailor your laser tattoo removal session and remove only precise portions of your tattoo, such as names or shading.

Most men and women require at least five sessions to remove a tattoo completely. Each appointment needs to be about six to eight weeks apart.

However, the amount of sessions you need depends on your ink shades and color of your skin. If you’re fair skinned with blue-green tattoos, for instance, you’re likely going to need more appointments.

No matter how many appointments you need, you can usually squeeze them in while running errands, or even on your lunch break. Sessions last anywhere from just a few minutes up to 15 minutes (larger treatment areas may take slightly longer).

Some areas are more sensitive than others, but most men and women only experience some minor warming or burning sensations during treatments.

If you can endure the pain of tattooing, you’re not going to have any issues with laser tattoo removal. Plus, the Astanza Trinity laser system’s advanced technology means short sessions. If you’re in discomfort, it won’t last for long.

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