Chemical Peels in Edinburg TX

Chemical Peels in Edinburg TX

Sometimes your skin just needs a little boost to look its best. With medical-grade chemical peels, Norma Magee, MD, and her team of skincare experts can improve your skin’s appearance. Custom chemical peels from Allure Dermatology in Edinburg, Texas, do more than smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels are also ideal for improving your skin’s texture and evening out your skin tone, which ultimately gives you glowing skin!


Chemical peels force the outer layer of your skin to peel off. Dr. Magee applies the solution to your face and neck (if requested) and leaves it on for a brief period.

You won’t have instant results — it does take some time to have visible benefits after a chemical peel. Over the following days, your skin continues to shed. Once you’re all healed, your fresh, regenerated skin surfaces.

Chemical peels are ideal for:

  • Improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothing out skin texture
  • Making scars and acne scars less noticeable
  • Evening out skin tone

If you have other skin issues you’re concerned about, talk with Dr. Magee. Chemical peels are a beneficial treatment option for many skin ailments.

Yes. Dr. Magee and her team of skin care experts offer many different types of chemical peels, depending on your needs.

Superficial peels, sometimes called “lunchtime peels,” are mild versions of traditional chemical peels. These treatments only penetrate the outer layer of your skin and offer gentle exfoliation. This type of chemical peel improves mild cases of skin discoloration and rough skin patches.

Medium chemical peels penetrate both the outer and middle layers of your skin. That might be an ideal option if you’re concerned about age spots, freckles, or wrinkles.

Deep peels penetrate even further down into your skin. Not only do deep chemical peels remove moderate lines and shallow scars, but you’re also going to notice a dramatic improvement in your skin’s appearance.

Dr. Magee offers clinical-grade chemical peel products such as:

  • Vi Peel™
  • Obagi® peel
  • SkinMedica® peel
  • Carbon Peel

Your skin is going to be red and slightly swollen no matter which type of chemical peel you choose but your recovery time depends on your treatment.

Deep peels, for instance, have the longest recovery time of 14-21 days. Usually, you fully heal from a medium peel within 7-14 days, while you should recover from a superficial peel within a week.

Get started on your path to younger-looking skin by scheduling a chemical peel today! Book yours by calling Allure Dermatology or using the online booking feature.

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